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Providing Information, Giving Our Members A Voice

The Capital Service Center Council officer elections occur every two years.  CSSC encourages its members to educate themselves on the office candidates and select their best choice of candidate.

We will hold elections at our upcoming meeting in May and will be using an electronic voting system called Simply Voting.  Please look in the email provided to CTA after that date for a ballot.

Process & Timeline Letter


The following CSCC Leadership positions are up for election.  Click on the name of the position for the declaration form to that position.

Nominations are open and any CTA member of any chapter comprising the CSCC may be nominated or declare candidacy for any office with exception of other restrictions placed on the At-Large open positions.

Those nominated or who declare candidacy at the time of the close of nominations at the May 4, 2022 General Business Meeting shall have their names on the ballot.


MAY 4 AT 4:00 P.M.

Candie Ray is the Elections Chair, and she may be contacted via email with this link.


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Elections: Leaders Selection
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